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Year Round

Uncle Jesse


Dank | Balanced | Sessionable

4.75% ABV

Before session beers were hip, we created a recipe that our brewers would love on brew days. A dank, easy-drinking beer that struck a balance between refreshing citrus flavor and a beautiful grapefruit aroma. Get acquainted with an old school hop variety, Columbus, and say hello to Uncle Jesse.

Categories: Year Round

East Bay IPA


NorCAl | Hoppy | Playful

7.75% ABV

East Bay IPA - Welcome to the sunny side of the Bay! We brew this West Coast IPA with a rich malt bill and hella hops. Pairs well with good times, close friends, and new adventures.

Categories: Year Round

Beast Oakland



4.5% ABV

Our innovative, collaborative spirit is highlighted by this homage to everything Oakland-made. Beast Oakland is crisp and refreshing.

We partner with a grassroots clothing store located in the Laurel District of Oakland for this incredible bottle art. Beast Oakland plays a key role in supporting youth education in our growing community.

Categories: Year Round

Golden State of Mind


Earthy | Citrus | Herbal

4.4% abv

Golden State of Mind is a unique creation. We have called it a "California Tea Beer" due to its construction using local California ingredients, from the oats, barley, and wheat to the fresh coriander, chamomile, and sweet orange peel. This gives Golden State of Mind its smooth, dry, bready malt character with earthy, spice notes and hints of citrus. A true taste of California in all its beauty, the Golden State of Mind is also a Gruit – meaning it is made without hops.

Categories: Year Round

Cherry Kush


Fun | Sweet | Bright

4.4% ABV

Cherry Kush is a twist on our Golden State of Mind. This "California Tea Beer" is brewed without hops and with fresh, organic, tart cherry juice. We blend the cherry with our Golden State of Mind for a subtle sweetness.

Categories: Year Round

Fruitvale Grind


Light | Caramel | Smooth

4.2% ABV

For this refreshing beer we have collaborated with our neighbors directly next door at Red Bay Coffee. A simple grain bill highlights the robust coffee notes and allows for a light, easy-drinking beer.

The coffee beans are wet milled, pea berry. They are roasted by Red Bay then cold soaked for 24 hours. The beans come from Sweet Unity Farms in Tanzania and fun fact: they are owned by the son of Jackie Robinson.

Red Bay's been around, officially, since 2014 (but has history before that). Their name comes from ripe coffee cherries, as well as "Bay Area," thus... Red Bay. They are ethically and socially focused, trying to make an impact in our community, and this world.

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Categories: Year Round