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People of AI

Morgan Cox


Co-Founder | Brewmaster

Morgan has been brewing beer and working in the industry for over 20 years. He is still a hands-on guy with a real daily presence in the brewery. Tough, innovative, and passionate, Morgan is our fearless leader as we continue to challenge ourselves and the brewery.

Stephen Lopas


Co-Founder | Sales | Distribution

Steve and Morgan started Ale Industries together almost 7 years ago and since then they have both worn many hats. Steve is currently our Sacramento Sales Representative and his favorite Ale Industries beer is Mexi-Belgo, a soured "molé-beer" from years ago.

Fun Fact: Steve has, in the presence of brewery personal, broken 20% of the bones in his fingers and various other body parts. His nickname is Stevil Knieval.

Casey Cobb



Casey Cobb is one of the partners of Ale Industries and helps with company management, operations, and finance (you know, all the stuff you need beer to deal with day-to-day).

Casey's favorite Ale Industries beers are East Bay IPA, Kiwi As, and Blackforest Milkshake IPA.

Fun fact: Casey has traveled to over 45 countries and strongly believes (with authority) that the Bay Area is the most amazing place to live in the world.

Joel Granholm


Office Manager

Joel is our Office Manager / Numbers Wizard. Joel has been with AI for four years and is a big reason we are where we are today. He is a hilarious and quiet person. His favorite beer is Uncle Jesse and he has no Fun Facts because he trusts no one.

Joseph Gudino


Marketing Director

My name is Joseph and I am the Marketing Director here at Ale Industries! I've been with the company for over two years and couldn't think of anything else I would rather be doing. My favorite AI selection is Golden State Of Mind because it changed how I thought about beer.

Fun Fact: I lived in Spain, can't wait to return!

Dylan Cardiff


Head Brewer

Dylan is in charge of our sours, barrel-aged beers, and making sure every barrel gets celebrity treatment. He is a talented brewer and is always there with a helping hand. Dylan's favorite beer is Rye'd Piper because he feels "it has something to satisfy everyone... it's got all the things you could want rolled up into one."

Fun Fact: Dylan moonlights as a geologist (he sometimes has rocks in his pockets at the brewery). He is currently measuring fault lines in the Bay Area.

Prince Saruhan


Fulfillment Specialist

Prince is a relatively new addition to AI, but he fit our vibe and tribe so well he instantly became a favorite. Favorite beer: why choose one when you can have two! His faves are Cherry Kush & La Nina Fresa. They're two beers that show how funky Ale Industries can get. Also, they go great together.

Fun fact: Prince briefly left us for the wild of Southeast Asia but couldn't stay away from the fam too long. Although he is crazy afraid of the water, he swam with the sharks!

Andrea Davis



Although she is one of the newest members of our tribe she has quickly become a favorite. You can find her behind the bar droppin' craft beer knowledge. Her choice Ale Industries beers are La Niña Fresa & Cherry Harvest Kush.

Fun Fact: Andrea only drinks water that has gone through a brewery first.

Mara Hightman



Mara is one of our newest hires, she has been with us a few weeks, and is already at home behind the bar. Make sure you say hey and grab a beer with her soon! Her favorite beer is East Bay IPA!

Sara Kohler


Social Media Manager / Bartender

If you can't tell, Sara, was a bundle of laughs and could not keep it together during photo time. Sara is a talented bartender who helps us manage our social media & is our resident beer mixologist. She is pioneering our Beer Cocktail menu debuting in 2017!