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Ultimate 6er | Ale Industries

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Tucked away in a historic part of Oakland, Ale Industries carefully crafts their wonderfully fun and inventive beers. The brewery, which happens to be the oldest and largest Oakland has to offer, has a taproom named: the Jingletown Jazz Room. If the Jazz Room had a day job, it would obviously be a brewery, but it does have another occupation. On the second Friday of every month, the Jingletown Jazz Room really lets its hair down and hosts local artists and musicians.

Ale Industries was founded by the talents of the owners: Morgan Cox and Stephen Lopas. If you find yourself lucky enough to be in the Jingletown Jazz Room, you can’t help but notice the passion every employee has for Ale Industries and their beer. Let this serve you as a warning, the atmosphere is contagious!


Victoria Pratt |
Staff Writer at

The 5 California Breweries That Could Be The Next Russian River

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In the past 18 months, Ale Industries has been on just about everyone’s "Next Big Beer" list, so it's pretty clear that they’re getting the respect from the beer community. Equally as impressive is the recognition they're getting outside the beer circles for their eco-friendly business practices and creative style. The taproom in the revitalized Fruitvale District is undeniably chill (Jingletown Jazz Room) and where you should head for an update on what they've been up to.  More importantly, get there to sample of their flagship Cherry Kush and the perfectly hopped East Bay IPA.  

Seann Rooney |
Senior Staff Writer at Thrillist

Your Guide To The Best Winter Beer In SF

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Brewing a home run away from the Coliseum, Ale Industries is throwing you a winter curveball. Wheat beers are usually considered low-ABV, easy-drinkers (see: Berliner Weisse, Hefeweizen) that are more in tune with summer sun than winter darkness, but Weisse Edict is not your usual white ale.

It clocks in at 8% ABV and thanks to being aged in whiskey barrels for nine months, it carries notes of cloves, cinnamon, and Christmas trees. If that’s not uplifting your holiday spirit, Ale Industries also released a way-out-there strong dark red ale called “This Is the Shit That Killed Elvis” and a sour blonde ale with Cascadian raspberries named “Pink Drank.”

Trevor Felch |
Staff Writer at Thrillist

Ale Industries: Beyond A Race To The Hops

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Beer continues its heyday here. Like wine, coffee and cheese, people have moved beyond wanting a red or a white, black or with milk, cheddar or a Swiss. When looking at beer, people look beyond the distinction of a lager or IPA and might consider their meal in relation to a beer’s flavor profile.

“I know I’m biased, but I think beer pairs better with food [than wine],” said Ale Industries cofounder Stephen Lopas, who began brewing his own beer 16 years ago because, as he noted, he was “spending way too much money on beer.”

The latest trend in American beer is a return to sours, and Ale Industries is on the same page with their latest batch lining the wall in oak barrels.


Katie Schwarz |
Music Editor at OL, Staff Writer at OaklandLocal