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Barrels & Uniquities Department

Perpetual Motion


Floral | Tart | Citrus


Inspired by the continuous movement of a Stirling Engine, Perpetual Motion keeps the symbolic energy of beer moving forward! It uses the same base as Aussie Kiss, our December release, but this time the sour golden ale is dry-hopped with Sterling Hops to achieve a beautiful earthy, floral aroma. Aging in white wine barrels for eight months gives Perpetual Motion a delicious, tart, juicy finish.

East Bayliner Weisse


Refreshing | Citrus | Funky

4.5 % ABV

Tart and sparkling, East Bayliner Weisse is a funk forward lactic mutha that finishes clean with a touch of tropical fruit. Wheat and Pilsen malts were “sour-mashed” for 24 hours then paired with a touch of aged saaz in the kettle. The yeast lineup is phenonmenal: Brett Brux and lactobacillus are blended with California saccharomyces cerevisiae giving this beer layers of depth and a mouth watering, puckering bite.

(Photo courtesty of Beer Scout, until our new bottles release)

La Niña Fresa


Citrus | Sour | Pineapple


La Niña Fresa is a spontaneously fermented Farmhouse Ale. It is brewed following the same process as Tepache, which is a traditional fermented beverage originating in Mexico City. The naturally occurring brettanomyces and lactobacillus on the skin of the fruit converts this ale into a wonderful and lightly tart, refreshing beer.

Dueling Pipers


Oak | Rye | Coconut

10.5% ABV

This is an imperial version of our Rye'd Piper. Big notes of coconut and chocolate come through from the rye whiskey barrel aging. Dueling Pipers is a limited release from the Barrels & Uniquities Department.

Gose Ride The Whip


Sharp | Brine | Thizz


Say hello to this gorgeous Ale Industries gose that sparkles and shines across your tastebuds. Effervescent, delicious, and hella tangy.

Raw Ale


Bready | Gin-Inspired | Sage


Gin-influenced raw ale featuring similar botanicals to what you find in your favorite gin: bay, rosemary cardamon, juniper, and no hops are added during production. The beer is "raw" because it is not boiled, a crazy departure from modern brewing techniques.