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A Message From Morgan Cox, Ale Industries Co-Founder & Brewmaster: Citrus Boost In Golden State of Mind

January 04 2017
January 04 2017

"Craft brewing is an amazing art and a precise science. One of the science related aspects of brewing is maintaining consistency, and we feel we have done a pretty good job at improving our consistency over the last 8 years. The batch of Golden State of Mind that you are drinking today is an example of how single sourcing can add to that challenge. 

We source our herbs and spices locally and had never thought that there would be much of a variation on the strength. We were wrong. This particular batch has a more pronounced orange zip to the finish than planned. Is it good? You bet it is! We would never send you something that is not a quality beer, but we did want to address the difference on the finish of this beer. We fully intend on bringing the levels of citrus back to where we have held them for years, but are also happy with where the flavor sits with this one particular batch. Let us know what you think!"

- Morgan Cox, Ale Industries Co-Founder & Brewmaster


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October 15, 2017 5:36 PM
A couple months ago at a BevMo beer tasting, I tasted Golden State of Mind. I loved it as a unique and refreshing summer beer and bought the two remaining six-packs they had is stock. After I finished those, I ordered a case. While the original batch had a distinct tea flavor and a sweet finish, the later batch a had lemony and sour flavor. I know there may be some variability in craft style beers. I'm interested in knowing which is the norm before I order another case. Thanks!