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10 Reasons You Should Totally Date Someone Who Works At A Craft Beer Brewery

March 24 2016
March 24 2016

Lookin' for love? Try a brewery

1. Always Something To Do

Beer and fun just go hand in hand. Therefore, beer people are fun. Events, festivals, tap-takeovers, special releases, pig roasts, cheese pairings, brewer dinners, the list of adventures waiting to be had are endless.

2. We Love To Please

On a deep level, people who work in craft beer just want you to be happy. They want to share the love and excitement of discovering new beers with the people who are important to them. It's inherent in our craft and we are loved for it!

3. Free Awesome Beer

Ok, let's be real. This is probably one of the most well known perks, but hey who doesn't love a beer on the house. Especially when it's your date who is hooking you up. Always tip your bartender!

Whiskey Going In Barrels

4. Appreciate The Luxuries Of The World

Sometimes you need to look outside of beer for inspiration. Sometimes that takes you to a magical place. You will find that aside from beer most brewery folk also love wine, spirits, good food, good music, and traveling. All the best stuff!

5. Not Afraid To Get Our Hands Dirty

A brewery can be loud, humid, cold, and hot all at the same time with slippery floors and heavy machinery being used every day. People of craft beer are experts at diving head first into whatever comes their way, even if it is a little messy.

6. Intelligent

Brewing beer is a beautiful balance of scientific disciplines. The forces of biology, chemistry, and physics are all working with and against each other. It is up to the brewers to wield these powers to create the perfect brew.

7. Hard Work is Our Middle Name

Brewery folk have heart, conviction, and the determination to reach their goals. We build it, make it, engineer it ourselves or else we build the systems that eventually do what we need. It's pure drive and will that keeps us going.

Beers Lined Up

8. Crave New Experiences

Brewery people love a good adventure, a journey to a distant land. Or maybe just the latest brew pub down the street, but the point is we like to be out and about trying new stuff!

9. Creative & Passionate

Brewing beer is an art! You can't half ass anything if you want greatness. Breweries are constantly striving for perfection with a slavish dedication to their craft wether that be innovating new styles or brewing classics.


10. Clever In Pinch

Working in a brewery you must be equal parts mechanic, engineer, and wizard. You have to be able to take apart and put back together almost everything! Speaking of clever, most of the time we probably know a dirty joke or two to impress your friends.

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