Seasonal Selections

Uncle Jesse


Dank | Balanced | Sessionable

4.4% ABV

Before session beers were hip, we created a recipe that our brewers would love on brew days. A dank, easy-drinking beer that struck a balance between refreshing citrus flavor and a beautiful grapefruit aroma. Get acquainted with an old school hop variety, Columbus, and say hello to Uncle Jesse.

Ryed Piper


Roasty | Hoppy | Straightforward

5.8% ABV

Deep ruby red in color, Rye'd Piper is brewed with Rye malt speaks to the hop-head in us all. Twelve percent of the malt bill consisting of rye malt lends an earthiness that compliments and balances the big caramel, chocolate and toasty malt flavors.

Sour Kush


Bright | Refreshing | Cherry

4.4% ABV

In honor of Cherry season we brewed batch of Cherry Kush with a twist. As always fresh cherry juice is used but we have blended it into a unique base beer that support and balances the tart & sweet flavors of the California Bing Cherry.

Spring Fling


Creamy | Cacao | Coffee

6.5% ABV

Spring Fling is what an beer would be if it dreamed of becoming an iced mocha. It is an homage to the beloved coffee drink, featuring cacao from the Oakland Chocolate Co. and coffee beans from Red Bay Coffee (our next-door neighbors)! Smooth, chocolate, creamy notes intertwine perfectly with Spring Fling’s gentle coffee aromatics.

Electric Fantasy



Hoppy | hazy | Blueberry

8.06% ABV

Ale Industries is brewing a beer & style we have never done before. We are embracing the haze craze from the Northeast and brewing our first hazy IPA! Electric Fantasy is a juicy, hazy, hoppy blueberry-infused creation that blurs the line between beer styles.