August 2016
August 2016

Ale Industries is over capacity! Because we can’t keep up with demand for our BioEnergy beer, we are proud to announce that we will be undertaking a massive, six-figure, brewery and personnel expansion in the next 90 days. The expansion will allow for our customers to find us in more locations, more consistently, with a greater variety of Ale Industries beers on draft, in bottles, or cans!

  • The production capacity of our brewhouse will increase by 150% (for all the brewers out there: we are adding three new 30 bbl fermenters).

  • The distribution system is being strengthened with the addition of another delivery truck to handle the new routes and increasing demand.

  • We have new team members joining our talented AI family: additional sales representatives, delivery personnel, and taproom staff will be training to get in on the action!

When Ale Industries launched in the fall of 2009 in a quiet part of Concord, CA we couldn’t have predicted where our journey would take us. It’s now almost fall of 2016 and we are again embarking on a fantastic adventure. Almost 7 years have passed and not a day goes by that we don’t thank our families, friends, employees for their help in our journey. Most importantly to our growing community of customers and fans, we feel the love and we love you right back!

August 2016
August 2016

Now that the construction on East 10th Street is done we can celebrate by inviting all of our favorite delicious delights out to check out the new digs! We thought a calander of the awesome food we have upcoming at the brewery would be helpful in planning your adventures! We will be announcing the monthly lineup in a segment we call Hangry (a joke word used to describe when someone is so hungry they are "angry"). Check it out!

Fat Man Super BBQ

Fat Man Super BBQ

Aug 9th - Tues

If you ask around in Oakland... people will tell you... the best BBQ is from Fat Man Super BBQ. They will be stopping by the brewery at 5pm with their succelent smoked meats and incredible sides!

Chickpea Chick

Chickpea Chick

Aug 12th - FRI

One of our favorite food venders to have in the brewery is Chickpea Chick! Beverly is the creator of these absolutely incredible soccas which are essentially "chickpea pancakes" with a plethora of savory sauces. Both meat and vegitatarion options available! Things kick off around 4pm.


Casablanca Moroccan & Mediterranean Cuisine

Aug 13th - Sat

Delicious and healthy Moroccan delights such as: beet salad, eggplant in vinaigrette salad, falafel and shawarma sandwiches, Moroccan cigars, kabob wrap, lamb and beef dishes, couscous, and more. They will be at the brewery from 12:00pm - 5:00pm.

Doc's Classic Comfort Food

Doc's Classic Comfort Food

Aug 14 - Sun

Winner of Best Food Truck 2013, 2014 (Oakland Magazine) this acclaimed team will be stopping by from 5-9pm to serve up their own brand of burgers, comfort food, and other delicious dishes. Grab a beer and some fried chicken on Sunday!

Flavors of Ethiopia

Flavors of Ethiopia

Aug 16th - Tues

Flavors of Ethiopia will be here from 6:00pm - 9:00pm with their amazing variety of entrées featuring dishes made of beef, chicken, and lamb, as well as the vegetarian’s delights such as vegetables, split peas, lentils and salad.  We use herbs and spices imported directly from Ethiopia in all of our dishes to provide you with a unique taste. Cooked to perfection to everyone’s taste and expectations, we guarantee that you will have an experience of a lifetime, savoring the Ethiopian delicacies at the same time.

Smokes Poutinerie

Smoke's Poutine

Aug 19th  - Fri

Smoke’s Poutinerie is the first food truck of its kind. They offer a broad menu exclusive to Poutine. The goal of Smoke’s Poutinerie is to bring the authentic Quebec classic to the rest of the World. If you have never tried poutine before, you are in for something epic! They will be in the brewery starting at 12:00pm.

July 2016
July 2016

Ladies & gentleman, we have an awesome announcement, we are tapping a special cask of a new creation at the brewery on Thursday! Make sure you hurry we will probably run out before the weekend! For those unfamiliar with cask conditioned beer, here is a word from our Production Manager, Richard Angeles:

"Cask ale or cask conditioned beer is where you take unfiltered and unpasteurized beer and serve it from a cask without the use of additional co2 or nitrogen. Beer is allowed to carbonate in the cask much like bottle conditioned beer. Cask ale is also referred to as “Real Ale” in the UK. Cask conditioned beer is traditionally served at “cellar temp” (traditionally 55 degrees Farenheit) and is naturally, lightly carbonated.

This specific cask is of the Fruitvale Bomber where we added the Ales for ALS hop blend directly into the cask. Very similar to the version on tap but it should have a bit more of a hop forward aroma due to sitting on the hops for an extended period of time. Take the time to try them side by side and notice to the differences. Cheers!"

As more cask-conditioned beers emerge in the taproom we will post up a calander as well as updates via all of our social media and website!

July 2016
July 2016

You may have heard of SF cult hero, Broke Ass Stuart. He was the one that in 2015 went head to head with Mayor Ed Lee (even joining in the mayoral race) to bring to light issues of the cities changing cultural and business landscapes.

The contemporary American travel writer and blogger rose to city-wide populartiy when he published his guide book Broke-Ass Stuart’s Guide to Living Cheaply in San Francisco. Now you can find him over at dishing out hot tips about Bay Area living.

Guess who just got mentioned? Ale Industries! In a lovely article highlighting the best drinking patios in Oakland, beer writer Sarah K. crafts an awesome shoutout to us:

"If you’re into innovative drafts and delicious beer, look no further! [...] They converted their brewery warehouse into a pretty stellar bar and art/show room. [...] it’s everything you can want in a summer night."

Check out the article for the whole scoop!

May 2016
May 2016

Ale Industries is launching an experimental program for the month of May: we are opening up our growler fills for the first time ever to our Barrel's & Uniquities selections.

Sours, barrel-aged beers, and many beers that recently were unable to be filled in growlers are now being set free. Fill a 32 oz growler at the taproom today!

There is no doubting there has been a substantial shift in the craft beer industry in the last 10 years. Styles that have been long appreciated by only a small fraction of the beer drinking population are now reaching mainstream levels of popularity.



One of the most common requests we hear from our guests is to fill their growlers with their favorite sour beer. For years many breweries and taprooms shined away from this practice, citing reasons ranging from inventory issues to price challenges. Put simply, sour beer was just percieved as too rare and too expensive to fill in growlers.

The reason behind the move is simple: we think everyone should have access to delicious, barrel-aged, or sour goodness TO GO without paying a ridiculous price point or being made to join some exclusive club. Ale Industries is excited to share what we love with even more people.

(We are currently unable to offer any volume discounts on sour growler fills.)

April 2016
April 2016

Ale Industries hitting the road!

We are making the trek north for an incredible three days known as "Boonville."

More than 80 breweries are attending and camping at the festival site located at the Mendocino Country Fairgrounds in Boonville, CA. We are honored to be invited to this incredible event celebrating craft beer and the wonderful people who make it.

Boonville is as much of an experience for the brewers and brewery employees as it is for the guests and thristy beer drinkers. The theme this year is the Roaring Twenties and there will be a costume contest to find the most dapper man and flapper girl.

Say hello to us if you are heading up there!

Boonville Poster

April 2016
April 2016

Original article via Zagat

There has never been a better time to drink beer in the Bay Area. From Healdsburg to Santa Cruz, Half Moon Bay to the East Bay, we sure love our hops, our stouts, our sours, and the many other styles that make San Francisco-area beer so great. Whether you want to play video games with a craft beer, kick back with a Figgy Barleywine and some bluegrass music, or visit the latest opening (to be replaced by something newer next week), here is your guide to enjoying the terrific Bay Area beer scene. Cheers!

Drinking "pink" generally means rosé wine. In the Bay Area, it can also mean beer. Yes, that’s correct. Ale Industries in Oakland has lots of serious fun with a range of beers, like Pink Drank, an oak barrel-aged sour blonde with Cascadian raspberries. It's definitely not a joke. It's pink and an excellent sweet-tart brew!

Continue to to Read More

April 2016
April 2016

Ale Industries has brewed the answer at their Oakland facility, just blocks from the Fruitvale BART station!

OAKLAND, CA, APRIL 6th 2016 -  The Bay Area craft beer culture has definitely exploded; one brewery is causing some excitement with their innovative new beers and an ever-growing fan base of loyal aficionados. Spring is on its way and Ale Industries is poised to be the next big thing in the craft beer scene with their latest seasonal release:

Spring Fling

Spring Fling (6.5% ABV)

Creamy | Cacao | Coffee

Spring Fling is what an beer would be if it dreamed of becoming an iced mocha. It is an homage to the beloved coffee drink, featuring cacao from the Oakland Chocolate Co. and coffee beans from Red Bay Coffee (our next-door neighbors)! Smooth, chocolate, creamy notes intertwine perfectly with Spring Fling’s gentle coffee aromatics.

Estimated Release: April 4/08

Estimated Availability: On draft at our Jingletown Jazz Room, select Bay Area craft beer destinations, and available in 22oz bottles.

Spring is Here! Time to enjoy!

April 2016
April 2016
GSM Label2

Ale Industries is canning, soon you will be able to access and take AI BioEnergy Beer more places than ever before.

2016 has been a big year for us. However, we can't keep quiet about this particular little secret anymore.

As part of our new direction for the new year, we are officially announcing the Ale Industries cans are coming!

There is still about a week left of work to be done, but we are pushing hard for thristy beer drinkers to be able to crack open a delicious can of Golden State of Mind on 4/20. Notice the new look? We are ecstatic to debut our new labels and can design.


GSM Label


The story of the beer is told through a Rube Goldberg Machine, a whimsical journey through the tale of how Golden State of Mind was born during a hop shortage. The tea kettle, little pots of coriander and chamomille, and oranges playfully explain the beers story!

Be on the Lookout for the cans 4/20 and share with your beer friends!

April 2016
April 2016
Cherry Kush Profile


OAKLAND, CA, APRIL 4, 2016 -  Oakland Magazine returns this year with its annual roundup of the best businesses, venues, food & drink destinations from Oakland and the East Bay. The nominees received the most reader votes in round one of their 2016 Best Of Oakland contest with Ale Industries receiving not one, but two nominations for Cherry Kush and Rye’d Piper in the Best East Bay Beer category.

CHERRY KUSH (Nominated for Best East Bay Beer)

Cherry Kush is a hit with both new and experienced craft beer drinkers. With its fun, sweet, bright body it is the perfect addition to any beach party, BBQ, or tailgating event. A surprising characteristic of Cherry Kush: it is brewed without hops, instead using coriander and chamomile to deliver an earthy, light body. The beer is finished with fresh, organic, tart cherry juice to end with a subtle sweetness.

Cherry Kush

RYE’D PIPER (Nominated For Best East Bay Beer)

Rye is a versatile ingredient that imparts a unique and wonderful characteristic to beer. The combination of rye malts in Rye’d Piper achieve a perfect balance between roasty, bready notes and a delicate hop presence. It is a favorite amongst chefs and food lovers for its wonderful pairing possibilities. Looking for Rye’d Piper dinner suggestions? Try it alongside a roasted pork tenderloin or use a few ounces to add a kick to a batch of homemade chilli.

Rye'd Piper

April 2016
April 2016


The NBA's Most Valuable Player has been feeling the love. Warriors fans and admirers are going crazy over his game time skills, but now they will have a new reason to get excited. Steph Curry will have his own beer brewed by Oakland's Ale Industries.

Hefe Curry is a delicious Hefeweizen styles brewed with curry from the Gujarat region of India. The crisp refreshing ale will feature the ultimate ingredient for those looking to get the full Steph Curry experience. Thanks to sources close to the Warriors who would prefer to remain anonymous (cough, cough, Draymond Green...), rare strands of Steph's magical hair have been acquired and carefully processed to use in the later fermentation stages.

Warriors Wednesday

It's a safe assumption that anyone who can get their hands on a bottle of Hefe Curry will instantly be granted almost-mythical athletic skill and the ability to sink 3's from further than any human being should be able to. Stay tuned, updates coming soon!

March 2016
March 2016

Lookin' for love? Try a brewery

1. Always Something To Do

Beer and fun just go hand in hand. Therefore, beer people are fun. Events, festivals, tap-takeovers, special releases, pig roasts, cheese pairings, brewer dinners, the list of adventures waiting to be had are endless.

2. We Love To Please

On a deep level, people who work in craft beer just want you to be happy. They want to share the love and excitement of discovering new beers with the people who are important to them. It's inherent in our craft and we are loved for it!

3. Free Awesome Beer

Ok, let's be real. This is probably one of the most well known perks, but hey who doesn't love a beer on the house. Especially when it's your date who is hooking you up. Always tip your bartender!

Whiskey Going In Barrels

4. Appreciate The Luxuries Of The World

Sometimes you need to look outside of beer for inspiration. Sometimes that takes you to a magical place. You will find that aside from beer most brewery folk also love wine, spirits, good food, good music, and traveling. All the best stuff!

5. Not Afraid To Get Our Hands Dirty

A brewery can be loud, humid, cold, and hot all at the same time with slippery floors and heavy machinery being used every day. People of craft beer are experts at diving head first into whatever comes their way, even if it is a little messy.

6. Intelligent

Brewing beer is a beautiful balance of scientific disciplines. The forces of biology, chemistry, and physics are all working with and against each other. It is up to the brewers to wield these powers to create the perfect brew.

7. Hard Work is Our Middle Name

Brewery folk have heart, conviction, and the determination to reach their goals. We build it, make it, engineer it ourselves or else we build the systems that eventually do what we need. It's pure drive and will that keeps us going.

Beers Lined Up

8. Crave New Experiences

Brewery people love a good adventure, a journey to a distant land. Or maybe just the latest brew pub down the street, but the point is we like to be out and about trying new stuff!

9. Creative & Passionate

Brewing beer is an art! You can't half ass anything if you want greatness. Breweries are constantly striving for perfection with a slavish dedication to their craft wether that be innovating new styles or brewing classics.


10. Clever In Pinch

Working in a brewery you must be equal parts mechanic, engineer, and wizard. You have to be able to take apart and put back together almost everything! Speaking of clever, most of the time we probably know a dirty joke or two to impress your friends.

Share & repost with your brewery people!

March 2016
March 2016
Oakland Knuckles

Once a month Ale IndustriesJingletown Jazz Room celebrate the local artists that make the Bay Area incredible. We showcase their arts, creations, and music by transforming our full production brewery into an amazing nightlife gallery complete with its own Creator's Corner artist market. 

Want to be a part of 2nd Friday's? Email with your bio and a few photos of your art!

This month our featured aritsts are:

Rachel Apostol

Atom Swanson

Harriet Poznanksy

This months featured musical acts are:

Ameoba DJ's playing Old School Hip Hop, Funk, Blues, Jazz and more!

Don't miss out on the fun, party starts at 6pm!

February 2016
February 2016

Due to popular demand... the Raffle is back! This time we are teaming up with Red Bay Coffee,The Half Orange, and CRAFT: Beer & Wine to put together an even bigger prize package!

a Rafflecopter giveaway
bottles outside

Ale Industries ($100 Prize pack)

We are back at it again with a ridiculous pack of hand-selected beers to give you a full tour of all the incredible styles we offer. Featuring rare bottles from our Barrel's & Uniquities Department, this crazy pack will include selections signed by our brewers: (2) Pink Drank 12oz, (2) Aussie Kiss 12oz, (2) Weisse Edict 12oz, (1) East Bay IPA 22oz, (1) Rye'd Piper 22oz, (1) Golden State of Mind 22oz, (1) Uncle Jesse 22oz, (1) Beast Oakland 32oz.


RED BAY COFFEE (3 Month coffee subscription, 2 twelve ounce bags delivered once a month - $100 value)

"Red Bay Coffee was founded in 2014 by Keba Konte a successful food entrepreneur with 10 years experience in the specialty coffee and hospitality industry. Red Bay Coffee is a quality-focused roaster of fine coffee, based in the Fruitvale district of Oakland, California. Everyday we strive to develop beautiful coffees, fair relations, and delicious living. We are food heads, artists, community folk, and innovators who love, love, love what we do." - via


The Half orange ($50 Gift Card)

Come to the Half Orange and enjoy grass-fed burgers and creative dishes inspired by the border and the Bay; 13 taps of local beer and cider; natural wines from California and Europe; and a sweet beer garden in Oakland’s sunniest neighborhood.

Craft beer and wine store

CRAFT - Beer & Wine ($50 Gift Card)

Over 450 beers and ciders, and over 100 of them are barrel aged! We specialize in European wines and have more than 400 selections. Combine a wine shop owner who's recently been gravitating towards craft beers and a beer enthusiast who's always wanted to learn more about wine. The Result: CRAFT Beer and Wine, Alameda, California's best wine and beer bottle shop. Formerly Du Vin Fine Wines, we offer an extensive and growing array of wine produced by small, independent winemakers, and we have the best selection of quality Greek wines in America! And now we are offering a growing selection of American craft beers and ciders and select imports from Belgium, Germany and other great beer countries.

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January 2016
January 2016

Ale Industries is teaming up with Beast Oakland and returning to one of our favorite East Bay restaurants, The Half Orange, for a wonderful celebration of all things East Oakland!

"For food we’ll be featuring Buckets of Buches — fried chicken necks with your choice of sauce — Korean Fried Chicken, Kimchi Waffles, and macaroni salad, and anything else we think of. Our full menu will be available as well." - Jay Porter, owner of The Half Orange

Our Brewmaster Morgan Cox and the rest of the Ale Industries crew will be available to answer questions and hang out for this amazing night. On tap we will feature:

Beast Oakland | East Bay IPA | This Is The Shit That Killed Elvis | Golden State of Mind | Pink Drank | Cherry Kush | Aussie Kiss

Beast Oakland will be in attendance to help us kick off this awesome party that you don't want to miss this Wednesday!