January 2016
January 2016

Ale Industries is teaming up with Beast Oakland and returning to one of our favorite East Bay restaurants, The Half Orange, for a wonderful celebration of all things East Oakland!

"For food we’ll be featuring Buckets of Buches — fried chicken necks with your choice of sauce — Korean Fried Chicken, Kimchi Waffles, and macaroni salad, and anything else we think of. Our full menu will be available as well." - Jay Porter, owner of The Half Orange

Our Brewmaster Morgan Cox and the rest of the Ale Industries crew will be available to answer questions and hang out for this amazing night. On tap we will feature:

Beast Oakland | East Bay IPA | This Is The Shit That Killed Elvis | Golden State of Mind | Pink Drank | Cherry Kush | Aussie Kiss

Beast Oakland will be in attendance to help us kick off this awesome party that you don't want to miss this Wednesday!

January 2016
January 2016

Ale Industries is making a huge splash during San Francisco Beer Week 2016! With over 15 events spanning 10 days in cities all over the Bay Area, here are some of the awesome festivities Ale Industries has planned:

  • (Raffle live until Feb 1st) Win $250 worth of Ale Industries beer! We are raffling off the ultimate prize pack for one lucky winner: rare selections from our Barrel’s & Uniquities department, bottles specially signed by our Co-Owners & Brewmaster, plus one of each from our year round styles! Enter as many times as you want and win yourself this beer lovers dream!

  • (1/29) Beer vs Pizza Party! is the pizza party for grown-ups! Featuring 6 unique wood-fired pizzas fired on site by Forno Di Sbarro specifically crafted to match 6 of our selections on tap. Try one or try them all! The night will also include demonstrations from Maps & Taps, creators of a revolutionary new app to help you find craft beer in the Bay Area!

You can also catch us on tap or being poured at:

  • (1/22) SF Beer Week Opening Gala at Pier 35 will mark the beginning of this yearly craft beer celebration and we will be in attendance with over 300+ other amazing breweries!

  • (1/27) East Oakland Beerstravaganza with Ale Industries and Beast Oakland at The Half Orange will be a collaboration between 3 incredible East Oakland businesses for one amazing night of food, beer, and style!

  • (1/24) Pinball & Pints is the ultimate retro party, play unlimited pinball on 100+ historic pinball machines and drink 25+ beers from 14 of the Bay's best brewers.

  • (1/24) Sour Sunday at Jupiter is a sour beer junkie’s heaven, there will be over 60+ sour selections in attendance!

For full list of events check our calendar.

January 2016
January 2016

To celebrate the majesty that is over 300+ breweries coming together for San Francisco Beer Week, we are raffling off the ultimate prize pack valued at over $250+ for one lucky winner:

Rare selections from our Barrel’s & Uniquities department, bottles specially signed by our Co-Owners Morgan Cox & Stephen Lopas, plus eight 22oz bottles from our year round styles and the very first bottle of our new dry-hopped sour, Aussie Kiss!

Earn raffle entries by completing the easy tasks below and share the raffle with friends to boost your chances even higher. Let the games begin!

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The Taste of Ale Industries Pack:

1 - Signed by the brewers, One-Of-A-Kind, #1 Off The Bottling Line, 12oz bottle of Aussie Kiss.

1 - 12oz bottle of Aussie Kiss.

1 - Signed by the brewers 750 mL bottle of This Is The Shit That Killed Elvis

1 - 750 mL bottle of This Is The Shit That Killed Elvis

1 - Signed by the brewers 12oz bottle of Pink Drank

1 - 12oz bottle of Pink Drank

1 - Signed by the brewers 12oz bottle of Weisse Edict

1 - 12oz bottle of Weisse Edict

2 - 22oz bottles of Golden State of Mind

2 - 22oz bottles of East Bay IPA

2 - 22oz bottles of Rye'd Piper

2 - 22oz bottles of Uncle Jesse

1 - 32oz growlette of Beast Oakland able to be refilled at our brewery


January 2016
January 2016

Ale Industries got a makeover!

New logo, new website! We redefined our mission so we needed a makeover, we hope you enjoy!

We can't wait to see what 2016 holds in store for us, please be patient while we make small changes to the site to get the best experience for everyone! There will be additions to the blog, the calendar, the gallery, and testimonials sections.

Check back soon to see what new, exciting changes we have rolled out!

December 2015
December 2015
bottles at brewery

In 2009 Ale Industries set out with a rebellious spirit, a socially-conscious endeavor striving to spread the blissful experience of a craft. We pioneered brewing technologies to save energy and reduce waste because we understood that investing in the environment will nurture the communities we care about, allowing them to flourish and grow. Today we operate a carbon neutral system at our Oakland brewery where we aim to create green relationships with our friends and neighbors.

By relying on BioDiesel Fuel sourced from local businesses we attempt to remove as much carbon dioxide from the atmosphere as we release into it. We use cleaner more sustainable energy because of how & what we use for fuel. To complete the cycle, our network of distributions trucks that deliver our beer run on similar systems as our BioEnergy Brewhouse! In addition we are the test site for a revolutionary prototype from Porifera Inc., forward osmosis is used to filter wastewater at the brewery so that it can be used for landscaping or equipment washdown. 300-500 gallons a week can be treated this way and there are plans for this machine to eventually filter cut down on 90% of the brewery’s water waste.

We embody the spirit of collaboration, bringing new members into the fold of environmentally friendly practices. Giving back to our community is an important part of the process, we contribute to the economic development and growth of Oakland and strive to partner with local-small businesses and nonprofit groups. We will continue to be responsible, to innovate, and carry on crafting an experience that our home can be proud of. In the meantime, come try one of our BioEnergy Beers! Our taproom at the brewery is called the Jingletown Jazz Room and we are open 7 days a week.

December 2015
December 2015
brewery 1

With the hype and perceived exclusivity surrounding sour beers you might be wondering where you can find the rarest and most delicious selections this winter season? The Barrels & Uniquities Department at Ale Industries is the longest running barrel program in the Bay Area with over 1,500 gallons of sour beer goodness nestled in Oakland, California right outside the Fruitvale BART station! Every Ale Industries beer is handled exclusively by our brewers and is crafted on-site using our BioEnergy brewhouse; the Barrels & Uniquities Department is where we experiment and offer our most unique choices.


Wielding complete control allows us to deliver a genuine and authentic craft beer experience for those who strive to be original. Craft beer is not a commodity at Ale Industries and we have dedicated ourselves to ensure that we don’t just produce “craft beer,” we are are people whose craft IS beer. We aren’t afraid to challenge the molds of established beer styles and instead aim to make an impression with beers like Weisse Edict, a double white ale spiced with cinnamon aged in whiskey barrels for 9 months, Pink Drank, a sour blonde ale with Cascadian raspberries aged for 420 days in oak barrels, and Spring Fling, an homage to a mocha featuring cacao from the Oakland Chocolate Co. and coffee beans from Red Bay Coffee (our next-door neighbors)!

Moving into the New Year you can expect Ale Industries to continue releasing more new beers from the Barrels and Uniquities Department: upcoming a dry-hopped sour, a kiwi sour, and the return of a favorite, East Bayliner Weisse. Take your tastebuds on a journey and discover something new. To end, a quote from one of our brewers Dylan Cardiff: “I personally hug each of our barrels.”